Our solutions.

The most flexible charging solution you and your charging clients can have!

We very seldom experience that two EV charging solutions are identical – therefore, our cooperation always starts with one or more non-binding meetings where we align expectations, go through requirement specifications etc. Very often, we are involved from the very beginning – from the construction phase – to make sure you get a solution meeting your needs, requirements and business goals.

The investment in EV charging infrastructure includes primarily two things: Charge points and supply of sufficient power – and optimum administration of the infrastructure.

The process from establishing to running an EV charging infrastructure with ChargingPartner is simple and unambiguous!

You buy the charge points from us and establish the power supply.

We install your new charge points and administrate your entire EV charging infrastructure on your behalf, including collecting payments from your charging clients.

Your Operator Agreement with ChargingPartner regulates all parameters relating to administrating your EV charging infrastructure, including collection of payment, support of your clients, optimum pricing in different periods of time and much, much more.

Your operator Agreement ensures that your EV charging infrastructure is maintained and operated hazzle-free without you having to worry about anything or allocate any resources.

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